Ordinand Reflection for Advent 4

'Mary' by Rev'd Ally Barrett reverendally.org This reflection on the readings for the fourth week of advent is written by Hannah Marie Richardson, a first year ordinand on the MPhil pathway at Westcott House. There’s a lot of marketing at Christmas which sells the ‘fuzzy feeling’ we’re supposed to get this time of year; by buying a certain product or shopping … Continue reading Ordinand Reflection for Advent 4

Stories, Metrics and Leadership in Churches

Guest post by The Revd Dr Vaughan S Roberts, alumnus of the House In his book The Tyranny of Metrics (Princeton University Press, 2018) Jerry Z. Muller from the Catholic University of America argues that a ‘metric fixation’ has been counterproductive for many areas in contemporary society. These include higher education, schools, medicine, policing, the military, … Continue reading Stories, Metrics and Leadership in Churches