Past Events

Now that the Foundation has a dedicated member of staff, this page will soon include more detailed reports of past events, and links to further reading and resources, but for now, here are some comments from past delegates, to whet your appetite!

Responses to Leadership in Ministry

“The day was well organised and presented – it helped me enormously in thinking through issues in a more structured way.”
“Lots of opportunity for feedback and discussion, which was good.”
“Good opportunities to reflect with a mix of other participants whom I didn’t previously know.””A useful balance of information, reflection and planning.”
“Lively and useful”
“Very good. Interesting input and new insights. Related very well to where I find myself in my vocation.”
“Good to have material which focuses on individual personalities and differences which make up the body of Christ, and to reflect on our own place and effectiveness.”
“Clear and insightful presentation”
“A useful blend of reflecting on practice with theoretical underpinning. Thank you.”

Responses to Preaching Mark and Preaching John

“David Ford including lectio divina in his lecture format was wonderful”
“Inspiring… thought provoking… nourishing”
“Very inspiring morning – a lot to take in – wonderful!”
“Inspiring and relevant”
“The morning session by David Ford was brilliant on so many levels”
“Brilliant from beginning to end”
“Clear and insightful”
“Grounding and challenging in equal measure”
“Really stimulating”

Responses to Care for the Dying

“An excellent day – a good blend of ‘technical’ and ‘pastoral’.”
“The speakers were excellent and gave helpful information”
“The course was excellent. It was particularly good to have input from both medical and spiritual points of view. The group was such that one didn’t feel silly asking questions.”

Responses to The Word Made Paint: exploring the Incarnation in Art

“very enlightening”
“altogether splendid”
“Chloe’s lecture was excellent and I can use what I learnt in talks that I occasionally give and in prayers”
“The morning session was excellent and I gained several new insights even though this is an area with which I am quite familiar… I will be able to use what I learnt in the parish.”

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