Occasional Worshippers

We spent 18th November looking at the challenges and opportunities for the church as we seek to engage with those who come along only occasionally.  We had a really stimulating day, with lots to think about.  Here are some downloadables that we used or talked about:

The powerpoint slides from the seminar (without the film clips, sorry!): Occasional Worshippers Westcott Foundation

Click here for a page of b/w line drawing clipart – scroll down a bit to find the ones that work to help navigate service sheets.

Click here for some ideas to make baptism services more user-friendly, including the liturgical colouring books, prayer-wordle instructions and a hymn to the tune of All Things Bright and Beautiful!

Click here for some resources that aim to help people engage with Holy Communion.

starsFinally, thank you to Terry for reminding me about the little paper stars. I found a reasonably clear youtube video that shows you how to do the foldy bit.  I usually used yellow paper, guillotined into strips, slightly wider and longer than those on the video but in the same proportion (so I cut my piece of A4 paper the long way rather than the short way).

Here are some old templates that show how I got the words on the paper – two with the words longways, and one with them shortways, in case you want smaller stars like on the video.  Hope that makes sense! christmas stars 2013   Stars – for crib service

Please do feel free to share your own ideas and resources – you can leave a comment here or email me if you’d like me to upload documents above.

Thank you!