Eucharist for Creation

‘The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it.’

 Psalm 24:1

Motivated by the urgent need to address climate injustice, and inspired by the methods of organisations such as Christian Climate Action, a group from Westcott House has decided to participate in the week-long climate protest in Cambridge during February Half Term. In collaboration with local churches and colleges in the University of Cambridge and the Cambridge Theological Federation, we are holding a daily celebration of Holy Communion.

This action, in which protesters and the public will be invited to share, reminds us of God’s great love for the whole of creation, of our human sinfulness, of God’s yearning for suffering to cease, and of the promised redemption and renewal of creation. Bearing in mind too God’s particular care for the poor, who are disproportionately affected by the climate crisis, we believe that this is a key witness which we as Christians are able to contribute to the climate movement.

Bishop Tim Stevens, the interim principal of Westcott House, said: ‘The sharing of Communion as part of the climate demonstrations in Cambridge is a celebration of Christian delight in and gratitude for all of creation. This gratitude and delight is what we believe will release the energy in all human beings (of all faiths and none) to change our hearts and minds towards the protection of our planet for the future.’

The Eucharist will be celebrated at 1pm on Monday 17th — Friday 21st February at the protest site on Trumpington Road by priests from a variety of traditions.

For more information on Westcott House’s environment policy, please go to

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