Hope for the World’s Despair – Hymn of Peace


19025148_10155373180068850_8542602124695156442_oRev’d Ally Barrett has written a moving Hymn of Peace for Remembrance, which won the Jubilate Hymn of Peace competition this year. ‘Hope for the World’s Despair’ will be used in worship for Remembrance services at St Paul’s Cathedral and York Minster this November, amongst other places. Links to the Jubilate competition results, and the Church Time’s interview with Ally can be found at the bottom of this page.



Hope for the world’s despair:

we feel the nations’ pain;

can anything repair this broken earth again?

For this we pray:

in every place

a spark of grace to light the way.


Wisdom for all who bear

the future in their hand,

entrusted with the care of this and every land.

When comes the hour,

O Lord, we pray,

inspire the way we spend our power.


Honour for all who’ve paid

war’s painful, bitter price,

when duty called they made the greatest sacrifice.

Their memory

will never cease

to cry for peace and harmony.


Ease for the troubled mind

in endless conflict caught,

each soul that cannot find the peace beyond all thought.

May they be blessed

with healing balm

for inner calm and perfect rest.


Love for the human heart:

when hate grows from our fears

and inwardly we start to turn our ploughs to spears.

Help us to sow

love’s precious seed

in word and deed, that peace may grow.


Words: Ally Barrett © Ally Barrett / Jubilate, administered by Jubilate Hymns Ltd, copyrightmanager@jubilatehymns.co.uk

Music: John Ireland © The John Ireland Charitable Trust Produced by Mark Edwards Sung by Jonathan Veira Featuring the All Souls Orchestra conducted by Noël Tredinnick


The Church Times Article interviewing Ally can be found here. The Runner up hymns  in the Jubilate competition can be found here.

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