This week on the Advent Blog

Advent can be a strange time for people who live, train and work at Westcott. Term ends in the second week of Advent, after which the community largely disperses – even those who are full-time residents see each other much less regularly.

To help the community feel as if we are keeping the whole of the Advent season together, this year ordinands and tutors have put together Advent With Westcott, a blog where people can post seasonal meditations that they have put together, or from which they’ve benefitted.

imagine an advent calendar but in blog form!
(image via Gioia)

Arwen Folkes has posted about how she and her family host the Holy Family on their Posada towards Christmas.

Ally Barrett and Cat Darkins shared the first of their #AdventIllustrated creations: Ally’s been making illustrations as part of her Morning Office, and Cat has been getting creative with marginalia.

Danny Pegg has been working a series of thoughtful posts inspired by pop Christmas songs: thus far, we’ve seen Christmas everyday? and All I Want for Christmas Is You (with some great accompanying artwork).

We’ve had a double dose of Malcolm Guite: check out his newly-released book of Advent poems, Waiting on the Word, and his sonnet for Nicholas Ferrar.

Carol Backhouse has created a video meditation on the Matriarchs whom we think of especially during this week in Advent, along with the Patriarchs.

Calum Zuckert has linked us up with a recording and reflection on the seasonal Marian anthem, the Alma Redemptoris Mater.

There will be many more posts to come throughout the next few weeks! Keep an eye on to see them daily.

Your contributions are very much encouraged! To submit a post, email

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