Corpus Christi Celebrations held with city churches

This year Westcott House teamed up with Cambridge churches St. Bene’t’s and Little St. Mary’s for the feast of Corpus Christi.

Photo: Fauzia Emmanuel

Celebrations started off with a service of the Eucharist in St. Bene’t’s with Westcott’s own Will Lamb preaching. Led by a brass band playing hymns, the gathered crowd then processed carrying the sacrament down Trumpington Street (much to the delight of college residents and tourists!) to Little St Mary’s, where Benediction was held, followed by refreshments.

Video courtesy of Sara Batts – click to play

Thanks to all the members of Westcott, St. Bene’t’s, and Little St. Mary’s for their help in making this public act of witness go smoothly and beautifully.

We were even featured in
‘A Cambridge Diary’ (!)

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