A Semester in a Laboratory for Ecumenical Life

Kirsty Borthwick writes about a term spent living, praying and studying at the World Council of Churches’ Ecumenical Institute in Bossey, Switzerland. How do you sum up a life-changing encounter in a few hundred words? And where do you begin when that encounter is with the depths and the complexity, the joys and pain of … Continue reading A Semester in a Laboratory for Ecumenical Life

Residential Training: Life Together

Paul Dominiak, Vice-Principal at Westcott, draws lessons from the work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer for living in an intensive, intense and intentional residential Christian community. Although I am now Vice-Principal, just over a decade ago I was a fresh-faced ordinand from York Diocese arriving at Westcott House after only having visited overnight once before. Someone in … Continue reading Residential Training: Life Together

Residential Training: Current Student Perspectives

Jane, Jenny, and Sam, who are currently studying at Westcott House, consider their experiences of training residentially, from their initial sacrifices and nerves to discovered joys and community living. Training residentially means that your formation carries on outside of classes One of the most significant things about residential training is its wholeheartedness. I gave up … Continue reading Residential Training: Current Student Perspectives

Stations of the cross

This Holy Week, the Westcott House Community has put together a series of meditations on the Stations of the Cross to help us share in the journey of Jesus and all that it means for us. Thank you to Ordinands past and present, staff and partners for their contributions. https://videopress.com/v/wFApxyIU?posterUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fwestcottfoundation.files.wordpress.com%2F2020%2F04%2Fa_intro-image.jpg&preloadContent=metadata

MPhil Pathway Reflection

Dissertation: ‘Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament and Anglican Identity, c.1860-1960’. Supervisor: Jeremy Morris In the autumn of 1931, Mahatma Gandhi visited Cambridge. He was there to work with scholars exploring ideas about the future potential for India’s independence. Part of his trip included meeting Westcott ordinands. The Cambridge Daily News reported, ‘Very early on Sunday … Continue reading MPhil Pathway Reflection